Nabucco Gas Pipeline

Exclusive Interview With Mr. Reinhard Mitschek, Managing Director of Nabucco Gaz Pipeline Project AT: Could you please brief our readers about the Nabucco project, its purpose and participants? Nabucco Gas pipeline will construct a pipeline bridge between the valuable gas

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Azerbaijan Has All Elements Necessary to Reach High Standard of Living for All its Citizens

Interview with Mr. Ismo Haapala, the Managing Director of WARTSILA Azerbaijan LLC ATI When was the Wartsila Coloration established? And how many countries does it explore? The Wartsila.Corporation has been established 1834 in Finland. Currently Wartsila Corporation has more than

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As an Institution, Our General Objective is to Help Create and Maintain the Most Favorable Conditions for Bilateral Trade

An interview with Mrs. Manuela Traldi, President, ITAZERCOM . AT: Mrs. Manuela Traldi, please give me information about establishment history of ITAZERCOM .  ITAZERCOM was established in 2012 with the purpose of promoting economic and trade relations between Italy and

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