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We are glad to provide you with the information about Azerbaijan Today magazine and will be grateful for considering our offer.

Azerbaijan Today, an English language magazine narrates the internal and external aspects of life in Azerbaijan. It has been founded to promote the image of Azerbaijan all over the world. Throughout twenty years in the field, Azerbaijan Today has secured a subscribers base involving diplomatic representatives, foreign companies, and nearly 2,000 individuals in different corners of America and Europe.

Azerbaijan Today has implemented a series of joint projects with the leadership of the European Union and the governments of Norway, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, and the United States for several years. Our goal is to inform our audience about the role of bilateral relations involving Azerbaijan, on the one side, and European countries and other nations, on the other side, since Azerbaijan regained its independence at the beginning of the 1990s.

During Baku 2015 European Games, the special edition “Baku – the Capital of the Land of Fire” of Azerbaijan Today, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has been of great interest to visitors who arrived in our city and became one of the dominant visual aids.

Taking into consideration the need for an electronic version of Azerbaijan Today, at a time of an unprecedented upturn in the field of electronic media outlets, it would also be relevant to continue the activity of the magazine in this format. The daily number of views of the electronic format of our magazine is about 2000. We are proud that our el.publications attract visitors and authors not only from the Caucasus region, but also Caspian littoral states and Mid Asia countries as well.

Our mission is to contribute to supporting an honest, precise, and objective Information Environment. Furthermore, keeping an eye on national and regional developments is a prerequisite for remaining in the vanguard of public attention.

We propose you various forms of informational coverage at the Azerbaijan Today internet portal by means of our professional word spread tools including publication of the articles focused on your activities, interviews with your CEO and Staff, press releases, commercial ads etc.

Please contact our team for any further details; share with us your idea of the shape of cooperation and partnership with Azerbaijan Today you prefer; and don’t hesitate that we will do our best aiming your expectations come true.

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