EU Ambassadors Agree on 9th Package of Anti-Russian Sanctions

EU Ambassadors Agree on 9th Package of Anti-Russian Sanctions

European Union envoys on Thursday agreed on a 9th package of sanctions against Russia, the Czech EU Presidency said on social media.

“Ambassadors agreed in principle on a sanctions package against Russia as part of the EU’s ongoing support for Ukraine. The third Russia sanctions package negotiated under the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union should be confirmed via written procedure tomorrow,” it said.

According to earlier media reports, the new sanctions will target the import of drones and their components, the banking sector and will ban new investments in Russia’s mining industry.

It was reported earlier this week that EU countries were divided over the points of the new package of anti-Russian sanctions, with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban insisting on the exclusion of three individuals from the tentative sanctions list.

According to one EU diplomat, Germany, for its part, tried to negotiate exemptions to the ban on the import of Russian fertilizers to protect global food security. Several other EU states are also seeking waivers for individual countries from a ban on doing business with the Russian mining sector, the diplomat said.