Russia’s “Mediation” Mission: 100 Years Ago And After

Russia’s “Mediation” Mission: 100 Years Ago And After

On November 11, 1920, the government of the RSFSR sent a note to the governments of Turkey and Armenia with a proposal to mediate the cessation of the war.

Thus, 100 years later, history repeats itself: in November 2020, the Russian Federation saved Armenians from the disastrous defeat in the Second Karabakh War.

The RSFSR (Soviet Russia) did it 100 years ago, and the Russian Federation did the same 100 years later. Of course, for their own geostrategic interests. The head of the Soviet government, Vladimir Lenin, described the result of the defeat of the Dashnak government by Turkey in a war 100 years ago: “The Turkish attack was intended against us. The Entente was plotting against us, but itself became the victim of this plot because we succeeded in merging Soviet Armenia.”

At that time, this was Russia’s geostrategic victory.

At that time, Russia cooperated with the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and 100 years later, it cooperated with the Republic of Turkey. After 100 years, a mission with a so-called Russian peacekeeping mission arrived in Azerbaijan, which should be considered its geostrategic victory. But neither Azerbaijan nor Turkey are the states of 100 years ago! When our occupied territories are fully liberated, we will have a complete victory.