Azerbaijan Launches Regular Bus Routes to Liberated Territories

Azerbaijan Launches Regular Bus Routes to Liberated Territories

Azerbaijan launches regular bus routes to liberated territories from today.

Regular intercity bus routes are carried out on the Baku – Shusha, Baku –Aghdam, Ahmadbayli –Shusha, Fuzuli International Airport –Shusha, Barda –Aghdam directions.

Test runs have already been carried out on each route, the buses that will be operated have been determined.

Trips will be organized on the Ahmadbayli –Shusha route four times a week, to other destinations – twice a week. The activities of the bus route Fuzuli –Shusha International Airport will be coordinated with air travel.

The fare on the route Baku-Shusha-Baku in one direction will be AZN 10.4, on the route Baku-AgHdam-Baku – AZN 9.4, on the route Ahmadbayli-Shusha-Ahmadbayli (express) – AZN 7, on the route Barda-Agdam -Barda (express) – AZN 5, on the route Fuzuli International Airport – Shusha – AZN 6.

Passengers must book round-trip tickets at the same time.

The movement of passenger buses through the liberated territories of Azerbaijan will be accompanied by police. Passengers must return back on the day of departure. The Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) has conducted mine safety training for drivers.

Buses will run on a specific route. Those wishing to travel to the liberated territories can purchase tickets electronically. For this purpose, the portal has been created.