Iran Openly Announced Cooperation with Karabakh Separatists and Continues to Threaten Baku

Iran Openly Announced Cooperation with Karabakh Separatists and Continues to Threaten Baku

Turan News Agency: In the loud anti-Azerbaijani choir, which has been sounding in Iran for several days, a “conductor” appeared on Sunday, who still kept silent. As expected, the spiritual leader of the country, Ali Khamenei, showed that he is the author of the accusations against Baku.

Speaking to graduates of a military school, the Iranian leader said that “events in northwestern Iran, in some neighboring countries, should be resolved without the military presence of foreigners.

“Let everyone remember that if someone digs a hole for his brothers, he himself will fall into it,” said Khamnei.

“Anyone who thinks that he can ensure his safety at the expense of another, let him know that soon he will get a slap in the face for this,” he said.

At the same time, he did not name a single country and only scolded America, blaming it for the failure in Afghanistan and Europe. However, allusions to “events in northwest Iran” leave no doubt about who he means.

Immediately after Khameni’s speech, Foreign Minister Abdollahiyan spoke as if on cue, who was no longer shy in expressions.

“We will never tolerate the presence of a fake Zionist regime and its provocative actions near Iran’s borders, as well as geopolitical changes in the region and its borders,” he said in an interview with local television.

“Following the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh, unfortunate events took place … Israel tried to use this opportunity and approach the borders of Iran, establishing its presence in a number of regions of Azerbaijan,” the minister said.

“We announced this to the Azerbaijani authorities through diplomatic channels,” he said.

Further, he finally named the true reason for Tehran’s discontent, stating the inadmissibility of blocking by Azerbaijan “Supplies of Iranian energy resources to Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh”, and the arrest of two Iranian drivers in Azerbaijan.

“We understand the situation in the Republic of Azerbaijan, and we are aware of foreign interventions, including acts of the presence of Zionists and terrorists in the country. We are concerned that in the future this will become a problem for Baku,” he stressed.

“By conducting military exercises on the border of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we transmitted a signal to the Zionists and terrorists in the region,” he explained, adding that foreign players should not be allowed to influence relations between Tehran and Baku, the minister concluded.

So the Iranian Foreign Minister officially confirmed that Iran is supplying fuel to Karabakh. Thus, Tehran openly showed that the previous statements on the recognition of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan are sheer hypocrisy. The Tehran regime has once again shown that it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, an insidious and vile enemy.