Azerbaijan Has All Elements Necessary to Reach High Standard of Living for All its Citizens

Azerbaijan Has All Elements Necessary to Reach High Standard of Living for All its Citizens

Interview with Mr. Ismo Haapala, the Managing Director of WARTSILA Azerbaijan LLC

ATI When was the Wartsila Coloration established? And how many countries does it explore?

The Wartsila.Corporation has been established 1834 in Finland. Currently Wartsila Corporation has more than 17 (MX) professionals manning 150 locations in 70 countries around the world. In Azerbaijan we have today around 70 Azerbaijani professionals with perspective to double this amount coming year. Tine personnel of Wartsila Azerbaijan is 95% Azerbaijani.

In which regions does the Wartsila Corporation creel its facilities ? What power are the erected modular stations counted on?

In Azerbaijan Wartsila has been building power plants in Astara (84 MW), Xatchmas (84 MW), Sheki (84 MW), Nakhchivan (84 MW), Baku (104 MW). Under construction are Sangachal (300 MW) and Cuba (104 MW). Also many ships and drilling rigs have our engines and other equipment.

AT. What are the advantages of erecting the modular stations in Azerbaijan unlike the major concerns of energy?

After long discussion of method of developing the national power grit in Azerbaijan, AzerEnerji decided to build several smaller plants instead of one or two big plants to secure the energy delivery in every’ part of the country. Using modular gas-diesel plants it was possible to do the upgrade of national grit very fast and cost effectively.

AT. What can the new Warlsila’s office offer the market in Caspian Sea?

Wartsila has now a world class engine service, maintenance, trouble shooting and repair facility with direct connection to spare parts globally. The new service center will serve a central for all Central Asian and Caspian regions. Our area oh responsibility is from Georgia to Tajikistan and we are representing Wartsila in all services and power plant questions.

AT: There are perspectives of getting the new Warlsila’s projects in Azerbaijan.

There are several new projects under discussion in Caspian area. We are sure that they will also be seen as contracts later. We are very optimistic about further contracts.

AT: Is the Wartsila corporation going to take part in social life of Azerbaijan: in the field of culture, sport, helping to the social unscreened layers of population and etc.?

Wartsila is planning to take more visible role in social life in Azerbaijan. The exact field has not been decided yet.

AT: In your opinion, how long will it take Azerbaijan to become one of the developed countries of the world?

This is not for me to speculate; it depends on Azerbaijani people. 1 can say only that Azerbaijan has all elements necessary’ to reach high standard of living for all its citizens.

AT: What spheres of economy can be favor able for the Finnish investors in Azerbaijan?

Currently very high activity in house building is attractive and also I believe that diversification of Azerbaijani industry from ruling oil and gas industry to other fields of industry will bring more very demanding projects available for builders and technology companies.