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Natalia Kolesnikova : We can confidently claim that practically all models of GAZ vehicles represent legendary symbols of specific periods of Russian history.
An interview with Ms Natalia Kolesnikova, Director of Gorky Automobile Plant museum.

AT: Gorky Automobile Plant is the most famous automotive company of Russia. First vehicles under GAZ brand appeared in January, 1932. Please tell us, how did the idea occur to build this plant in the USSR?
Vadim Sorokin: Our advantage is that the vehicles we produce are tailored for customer’s needs.
Exclusive interview with Mr. Vadim Sorokin, President and Chief Executive, GAZ Group.

AT: Mr. Sorokin, it is known that GAZ has gained popularity thanks to cooperation with foreign partners. What has GAZ achieved for today working with its foreign partners? V.S.: Indeed the Gorky automobile plant was built using the American experience in mass production.
Azerbaijan’s Inexhaustible Tourist Potential

Azerbaijan is a unique country because it can develop alltypes of tourism business: rural, beach, mountainous, medical, etc.
The Orient is Known for its Delicacy
Novruz comes into force to endow Azerbaijanis withunique, beautiful and profound meaning of the ancientspring festival with bright colors as the nature»»
Carpet the Integral Element of Azerbaijan’sFolk Art

The first written mention of Azerbaijani – at that time they were Median – carpets was made by ancient Greek scientists...
Baku the Capital of the Land of Fire  
Modern-day Baku meets the most exquisiteexpectations of tourists traveling from variousparts of the world with anticipation tosee historical monuments and state-of-the-artarchitectural buildings. »»