A Painting Workshop Like A Museum

A Painting Workshop Like A Museum

By Tarlan Mehdiyeva/Azizzade

It was in 1996. Painter Teymur Rzayev was one of the people actively involved in the establishment of the Istek Foundation and the Istek Kemal Ataturk Arts Lyceum. In fact, the painter wanted to build a well-equipped and large painting workshop, a workshop where all groups could have worked at the same time without hampering one another.

Who is Teymur Rzayev? He was born in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku. Between 1975 and 1979, he studied at the Azim Azimzada State Painting School. In 1982-1988, he studied at the painting department of the State Arts Academy of Azerbaijan. His teacher was Prof. Mikayil Abdullayev. He became a member of the Union of Painters of the Soviet Union in 1991. He is still a member of the Union of Azerbaijani Painters.

At the invitation of Mr. Bedrettin Dalan, the founder and board Chairman of the Istek Foundation and the Yeditepe University, Teymur Rzayev went to Istanbul at a time when Istanbul Istek schools and the Istek Kemal Ataturk Arts Lyceum were being established.

Between 1994 and 2006, he worked at the painting department of the Istek Kemal Ataturk Arts Lyceum. He has been a member of UNESCO’s ALAP Turkish National Committee since 2005. His membership number is 1004.

Teymur Rzayev wanted his school to use the arts education model of the world’s leading schools. He started to teach painting at the Arts Faculty of the Yeditepe University in 2006.

He presented the project of his long desired painting workshop to Mr. Bedrettin Dalan, and received a positive answer. Thus, Teymur Rzayev became the founder and head of the first painting workshop of this kind in Turkey. He contacted the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and ordered the necessary tools and equipment for his workshop. Together with Bedrettin Dalan, he visited the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts to see the sculptures there. The rector of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Prof Albert Serafimovich Charkin, showed them the 250-year-old academy and briefed them about its history. Mr. Bedrettin Dalan invited Mr Charkin to Istanbul, saying that this visit would help expand relations between the two schools further. Mr. Charkin is  expected to visit Istanbul very soon.

After that, sculptors came to Istanbul to build monuments. Mr. Bedrettin Dalan allocated one of the nicest university halls called “Kubbe” (Dome) for the workshop of sculptures. The hall had a dome built of glass. The construction of the workshop took the whole summer. Teymur Rzayev led the construction work. The workshop was ready for the 2008/2009 education year.

Thus, Turkey’s first workshop of sculpture was established with the help of Mr. Bedrettin Dalan.

Once stepping in the workshop, you find a stunning environment there. You feel as if you are in a museum. Is it really a workshop or a museum? Only after a while you do realize that it is not a museum, because you do not find visitors watching sculptures there. It does not look like a ordinary workshop of sculptures either, because workshops usually are not as clean and tidy as it is here. Yes, this is the workshop where a learning sculptor can find any tool and equipment he needs.

Azerbaijan Today Magazine. 2008.

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