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Shah Deniz: past, present and future
Interview with Al Cook, BP Vice-President for Shah Deniz Development
A.T.: Early this year the media first heard the full story of Shah Deniz Full Field Development and we would like to build ... »»

In Fact, Phase 2 of Shah Deniz is a Very Important Project, But it is Also a Very Costly One.
Interview with Marc Feuillade, Country Reprenstative of TOTAL to Azerbaijan
A.T.:Total Azerbaijan is about to start exploration and drilling in Absheron field. It must be the deepest exploration well ... »»
Statoil with our Participation in ACG, Shah Deniz, BTC and SCP is Proud to Have Contributed to these Developments.
Interview with Lars T. Sorensen, President, Statoil Azerbaijan
A.T.: Statoil has been functioning in Azerbaijan since 1992. How much have you invested in exploration, production and infrastructure projects in Azerbaijan ... »»
Azerbaijan and the Shah-Deniz Phase 2 Development will Play a Pivotal Role in Nabucco's Success.
An interview with Jeremy Ellis, Head of Business Development of RWE Supply& Trading
A.T.: November can be considered useful for Nabucco, as the Commission of European Union adopted energy project ... »»
By Rovshan Pashazadeh
Energy is an Area in Which
Azerbaijan and the EU
Share a Mutual Interest
By Fuad Aqbabali
OSCE Summit Fails to Boost
Solution to Karabakh
France is the Fifth Largest
Foreign Investor in
It May Sound Strange, but
My Family and I Never Felt
Like Strangers in Baku!

Azerbaijan is the 6th Most
Important Crude Oil
Supplier of Germany.
I am Sure that the Results
of this Event Will Make
Economic ties Between our
Countries Even Stronger.
In My View it is of Utmost
Importance, Both to the EU
and Azerbaijan, to Develop
Increasingly Closer
I was Told Two Years Ago
that UK Investment in
Azerbaijan was Already
Larger than $20 Billion
By Fuad Aqbabali
Azerbaijan Geopolitical
Challenges and Integration
into EU
By Rovshan Pashazadeh
The Accession to WTO is
Complicated in Comparison
with Admission to other
International Organizations.
By Ilham Shaban
Azerbaijan Decides to Build
New Gas Export Pipeline
By Shamil Huseynov
Azerbaijani State Budget
Transparency Decreases
with Spending Growth
EBRD Significantly Boosted
its Investments and
Activities in
Azerbaijan in Recent Years.
By Artem Yefimov
How I Was Turned Away
from Nagorny Karabakh
By Farhad Jabbarov
Haji Zeynalabdin Tagiyev:
Honor of Muslims of the