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Roland KOBIA:
Azerbaijan and the EU Share Mutual Interests in the Energy Sector
Rovshan Pashazadeh's interview with Ambassador Roland KOBIA, Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Azerbaijan.
A.T.: How far does the European Union ... »»

Trans Adriatic Pipeline: The Missing Link in the Southern Gas Corridor
Azerbaijan Today's interview with
Kjetil Tungland, Managing Director of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline

A.T.: . The background to the TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline): why the need and ... »»
A Country Driven Into Dead End: A Look at Armenian Economy from Outside
Backed by the Russian military, Armenia captured Azerbaijani districts one after another in the early 1990s. (At the moment, 20 per cent of Azerbaijan's internationally-recognized territory is under Armenian occupation). At the time, Armenia perhaps expected to ... »»
The New Bakcell
Azerbaijan Today's interview with Ms. Ineke Botter, Chief Executive Officer of Bakcell
A.T.: In the mid-1990s, when the first mobile operator of Azerbaijan, Bakcell came to Azerbaijan, our people did not know ... »»
By Ilham Shaban
AIOC Slows Down Pace
of Growth of Oil Extraction
Economic Pragmatism
Prevails. Destinations of
Gas Trade Following the
Financial Crisis
Azerbaijan Today's
interview with
Peter Kaznacheev,
Managing Partner of
Khaznah Strategies Ltd
SOCAR - Leading
Azerbaijani Investor
By Gubad Ibad oglu
The Problems Generated
by the Global Financial
Crisis and Ways to
Overcome them
in Azerbaijan

"Rapid growth is changing
economic outlook in
Azerbaijan Today's
interview with Nurcan
Akturk, economist and
consultant in international
finance and business
French photojournalist of
Azeri origin, Reza Deghati