President Targets New Economic Heights
At a time when the world is struggling to break free from the clutches of the vicious global financial crisis with pundits wagering on whether the dollar or the euro are doomed to collapse, there ... »»

Statoil's Environment Policy is Based on Working Towards a Goal of Zero Harm to People and the Environment
Azerbaijan Today's interview with Mr. Kristian Hausken, President of the Statoil Azerbaijan
A.T.: . Statoil has been flagship of Norwegian companies in Azerbaijan and we ... »»
Novruz Mammadov: 2010 to be Decisive Year in Karabakh Settlement
Azerbaijan Today's interview with Mr. Novruz Mammadov, Chief of the International Relations Department of the President's Office
AT: The state Constitution is a guarantor of Azerbaijan's independence, its territorial ... »»
A Man Whom
Presidents Listen To
Interview with Guivami Rahimli, External Engagement Policy Advisor, BP Azerbaijan
Guivami Rahimli - BP External Engagement Policy Advisor has met many VIP guests at the Sangachal Terminal ... »»
Armenia Scraps Border
Deal With Turkey
I Doubt that Many of
Congressmen Cannot
Even Point to Where
Armenia is on the Map
Azerbaijan Today’s
interview with Ms Nuten
Ural, Honorary Consul
General of the Republic
of Turkey, Detroit
Opinion: Disenchanted
Azerbaijan Drifting
Away from the West
Jon Ramberg:
It is my Strong Ambition
to Expand Cooperation
in all Fields, Political,
Cultural and Also

Reinhard Mitschek:
Nabucco Will Not
Sell and Buy Any Gas,
Nabucco is Providing
Transportation Services
Jeremy Ellis:
Azerbaijan Belongs to the
Gas-richest Region
in the World