"I Behold the Future of Azerbaijan With Optimism" - Ilham Aliyev
Ilham Aliyev's victory at next presidential elections taking place on October 15, 2008 no longer bears any doubt in anyone. This inference emanates from citizens with whom the candidate for presidency ... »»
and Oil Security
Exclusive interview with Mr. Stanley Escudero, vice-president of American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan.
AT: What is your assessment of the Azerbaijani-US strategic cooperation ... »»
Gaz Pipeline
Exclusive interview with Mr. Reinhard Mitschek, Managing Director of Nabucco Gaz Pipeline Project.
AT:Could you please brief our readers about the Nabucco project, its purpose and .. »»
Development in Caucasus and Elections in Azerbaijan
An interview With the Managing Director of Hazar Investments LTD, Mr. Efruz Muduroglu.
AT:There is no doubt that, as a result of your efforts, this Landmark building turned out ... »»
Strategic Cooperation in
the Caucasus Region.
Armenia Cannot Recognize
Another Formation Extant
in a Similar Situation Until
it Has Recognized the
Energy Policy is An
Important Component
of National Security
The Contractors'
Investments Are
By Rafael Abbasov
Do We Need State Owned
Banks in Transition
The American Chamber of
Commerce in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Has All Elements
Necessary to Reach High
Standard of Living
for All its Citizens
By Rafiq Tahmazov,
Rishad Tahmazov
I Hope Our Occupied Lands
Return to Us Someday, So
We Can Benefit by the
Whole Natural Riches
of Our Fatherland