Azerfon Is An Integral Part
of IT Sector Development
An exclusive interview with Mr. John Armley, the General Director of "Azerfon"
AT: We would like to start this interview by asking you to tell ... »»
Caspian Sea & Ecology
Caspian Sea is the largest closed reservoir in the world, which washes the eastern part of Azerbaijan. The name of the Sea is connected with the Caspii tribes who had settled shores from time immemorial. ... »»
Transcaspian Pipeline Entering New Phase
The USA is intensifying pressure on the new leadership of Turkmenistan to persuade them to realize the construction of the Transcaspian gas pipeline (Turkmenbashi-Baku). Its re-commission is of great importance not only... »»
Azerbaijan: A Land of Culinary Secrets
Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient countries in the Orient. Azerbaijani people have a deep rooted culture from ancient times. In fact "Father of History", Herodotus (5th century BC) reported that in the land ... »»
By Rovshan Pashazadeh
5 Presidents Discussing Oil
Supplies Bypassing Russia
Putin Tours Central Asian
Tax Revenue From The Oil
SectorTo Reach $3 Billion
"Azerigaz"and "Azerenergy"
Debt to SOCAR More
Than $115 Million
By Ilham Shaban
Azerbaijan: Extractive
Country in Transition
BP Azerbaijan Reports on its
Activity in the First Quarter
Azerbaijani-Kazakh Possible
Joint Venture to Produce
Rigs in Aktau
AIOC Gradually Increases
Oil Production
Solar Energy Ten Times
More Expensive Than
Traditional Methods
Petrol Dominates Azeri Oil
Product Export to Georgia
Deworming Campaign
Completed Among School-
children In Azerbaijan