Chinese Expansion In Central Asia And Azerbaijan
The economic activity taking place in some Central Asian countries, as well as Azerbaijan, has increased noticeably in recent years. This is best explained by the changing geo-political situation of the region, in which two ... »»
Banking Sectors In The Post-Soviet Countries
During the last years of the Soviet Union, each of the republics (now independent states) were subtly different whilst sharing much in common. Now each of these states are quite different, whilst sharing subtle ... »»
The Azerbaijani Experience: Oil Revenues & Sustainable Development
The world has witnessed remarkable economic growth in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the past 10 years. Averaging over 10% a year, growth is expected to reach an unprecedented rate of 30.5% in 2006. The country has also ... »»
Ornamental Stone Carpet: Another First For Azerbaijani Master Artists
A great event has happened not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the history of world culture. Within two years of hard work I, Azerbaijani artist Tofiq Mammadov, have created a magnificent work of art ... »»
By Trafton Koenig
Between A Rock And
A Hard Place:
Azerbaijan’s Delicate
Relations With
Nato & Russia
By Fuad Alizadeh
The Trans-Caucasian
Region, Isolated
No Longer
By Sandra Iseman
The Last Fifteen
Years of Azerbaijan
An Interview About
The Past And Future
With The Managing
Director Of Hazar
By Ilham Shaban
Exporting Kazakh
Oil Through Baku?
By Fuad Alizadeh
Foreign Investments
Sharply Reduced