Foreign Oil Companies Took Out From Azerbaijan $1.45 bln
According to the payment balance of Azerbaijan in the first half of 2005 the foreign trade turnover has increased on 53.1% up to $4947.6 mln. At the same time the volume of import from $1552.5 mln to $2126.3 mln and ... »»

Ilham Aliyev Needs New Opposition...
The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, in an interview with "Vremya" program on Russia's First Channel said, "Maybe not all are glad with the sovereignty of Azerbaijan. For the future of the country it needs new ... »»

Current Georgian Political Situation, Op-ed

There are many angry people in Georgia. The circumstances are the same as what went on with former Eduard Shevardnadze and in many cases their economic situation is even worst. Now in Georgia, big ... »»

"We believe that there are all the technical means in Azerbaijan for holding democratic elections"
AT:- Mister Ambassador, what are common between Azerbaijan and the countries where you have previously been working?
S.G.: - I have been in diplomatic work since 1988. I worked as the first secretary ... »»

 "This is not the way   you treat a foreign investor"-"Garadagh" Cement OJSC confronts problems in Azerbaijan.
Despite having invested over 33 million dollars in Azerbaijan through the 2004 fiscal year and being a "good corporate citizen" "Garadagh" Cement OJSC has been hounded ... »»
   The Azerbaijani who received the prestigious award of France.
The President of the Senate of France and a number of French Senators, media representatives, Iranian, French and Afghan intellectuals attended this recognition ... »»
About Political Palette
of the New Parliament
of Azerbaijan
Investments Within the
Framework of the
Development "AZERI"
Deposit it is Invested
Over $5.6 bln
Azerbaijan Budget on 2006
will be Prepared Proceed-
ing From Base Price on Oil
$40 Per Barrel
Russia Proposes Georgia
to Purchase Natural Gas at
Price of $110 Per 1000
Cubic Metres
More Gas in 2006
New Azeri manats in 2006
The Highest Figures of the
Soviet Period on Production
and Consumption of Electri-
cal Energy will be Exceeded
in Azerbaijan in 2006.

Revenues of the State Bud-
get of Azerbaijan Next Year
will Make $3.4 bln and
Expenditures-$3.5 bln
New Recommendations of
Technical Mission of IMF on
Taxation of SOCAR
By Fuad Alizadeh
Why are the fruits of
"governmental" reforms
in Azerbaijan "rotting" on
the vine?
President of Kazakhstan
Determined Strategis
Directions for the Develop-
ment of Country for the
Nearest 7 years.
Spend 310,4 mln Euros
for Module Stations?
By Shahla Sultanova
Melting Nation or
"Cultural Nationalism"
By Jessica Nelson