Future Role of the Pakistan in the World Policy.

The beginning of the 21st century have witnessed a turbulent and erratic relationship between India and Pakistan, the two largest nations in the South Asia subcontinent. The new millennium started with relations ... »»

Custom Committee Of Azerbaijan Suggests Changing Several Articles In The Contract Of The Century. What Next?
According to a recent statement by Safar Mekhtiyev, deputy chairman of the State Customs Committee, at a sitting of the permanent parliamentary commission ... »»

Why The Azeri Government Is Unable To Provide Its Citizens With Heat Even After Investing Over $850 Million For Gas Import
Azerbaijan imported 16.57 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia between November of 2000 and the end of March 2005 ... »»

Eastern Legend or Irrefutable Reality of Azerbaijan

In the Soviet time - the time when God was refuted uniquely by the state and atheism was considered as one of the ideological supports of socialism - the favorite reading of the children as well as several adults in Azerbaijan ... »»
By Rovshan Pashazadeh
Europe United Against
Why USA is Unhappy
About Reforms in SOCAR?
Russia to Increase
Profitability of Baku-Tbilisi-
Ceyhan Oil Pipeline
Azerbaijan"s Profit From
and "Shah-Deniz" May
Reach $210 Billion
By Jeffrey Silverman
Millennium Challenge
Corporation: "Funding
for Georgia and Armenia
but Russia benefits"
By Ilham Shaban
"Myth and Reality".
Azerbaijani Electrical
Energy Market
Azerbaijan Will Produce
63 Million Tons of Oil By
2010, SOCAR Believes

By Fuad Alizadeh
The Caspian Basin, Hydro-
carbon and Geopolitics.
Real Interest Is Not
Terrorists, But Energy
By Azer Amiraslanov
Azerbaijan'S Economy
Makes Ready For New
Stage of Development .
What Does Anti-Inflation
Decree Promise?
Georgia's State Debt
Reaches $2 Billion